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Reverend Pike – Fishing For Vicars.

If you like your favourite music to be made by people who aren’t too fussed about making LP’s & would rather concentrate on amassing a collection of 7” & 10” EPs with fantastically realised home made sleeves, then Reverend Pike could well be the combo for you. They love what they do, they enjoy it to death, & their infectious enthusiasm is apparent enough to impress even the most hardened cynic.

If you like your favourite music to be made by people who are acquainted with greatness, then Reverend Pike are definitely the outfit for you. They have taste & conviction – an understated dedication to deliver what they set out to achieve – on their own terms. You don’t come across bands like Reverend Pike that often these days.

If you want to get down to it with Reverend Pike you really are going to have to buy a record player, as The Pikeys don’t do too many CD’s. You’ll also have to be prepared to walk a little further than your local HMVIRGIN Mega-Watty concession if you want to be the proud owner of one of their wonderful EPs:

“DIY VASECTOMY” (Stupid Cat Records – Scat 8)

“No Glitter”, “Work Pride”, “I Hate Tesocs”, “South Kensington Slags”, “Boy Parts” & “Plagiarism”

“UGLIER & LESS ABLE” (Youth Club Tape Club – YCTC 004)

“Scnell Scnell”, “Dead Horse”, “Germany”, “A.N.N.A.”, “Beyond Zone 6” & “Job”

Youth Club Tape Club, PO Box 311, Oxford, OX1 4HP.

Jean Encoule recently fired one of our tediously ponderous Q&A type style “thangs” in the direction of Ver Pikeys (as they’ve affectionately become known around these parts) to bring you this:

trakMARX - Reverend Pike is one top moniker - what's the story behind it?

Leigh came up with the name and though we’re not really sure why we’ve kept it (he likes fishing and Rivka had a religious upbringing?) there is a man called Reverend Royston Pike buried upside down on top of this hill near where we live so you could say we’re named after him.

trakMARX - How, when & why did Rev Pike convene?

We are all from the same area, live in the same house and have been playing together for a few years now (bar excursions with two different drummers during the time Lawrence did his own thing whilst we actually got some songs together). As for a reason for getting together, we were having such a good time at the gigs we were going to we just thought we’d give it a go ourselves. Everyone should. C’est fantastique.

trakMARX - You've been described as jerking punk trash mayhem - The Fall fighting Melt Banana. How would you describe

Screechy. Yelpy. Choppy. Sometimes promoters put ‘Slits meet Fall’ to pull in the crowds and one flyer billed us as ‘Minnie-Mouse-fronted-Dragnet Era-Fall,’ which was quite funny. La la la. That’s a hard question! Let’s names some early influences: Rivka used to like Kate Bush a lot. Leigh spent a few years listening to early-pink Floyd. Lawrence likes loud rock. Ummmm…. ‘Fall-Fighting-Melt-Banana’? Yup! Absolutely!

trakMARX - Yr. rekkid sleeves are brightly coloured, valiantly home made & feature some rather wonderful art on the covers. Who is the painter in the band?

Leigh paints as much as he can and has quite a collection of work, much of it similar to the ‘DIY Vasectomy’ cover, which is a painting of his, but Rivka did the painting on ‘Uglier and Less Able’. We love the homemade record feel - can’t beat it. And bright colours. Looking forward to a nice acid green for the next single!

trakMARX - Why do you hate Tescos & where do you buy yr. groceries?

Aaaahh. Poor Tescos. We have no grudge against that store in particular, the song was just an instant reaction to one particular shopping trip Rivka was forced to go on by her family when she wanted to be playing the guitar. Saturday morning, grocery shopping, crowds and noise, takes aaaaaaaaages, you need a good smash about on the drums after that kind of excursion. We’ve pretty much dropped that song now though, sounded too much like a spoilt brat rant ‘Too much food to choose from’ etc etc…

trakMARX - Who are the South Ken Slags?

The South Kensington slags are those immaculately groomed snotty, types who sit around sipping cappuchinos, talking at mobiles and flicking their hair and nails about on long luncheon trips, looking down their noses at anyone earning less than they do, thinking they are God’s gift. Fully-fledged nightmares. Always worth a rant.

trakMARX - Billy Childish reckons that 3 piece bands beat 4 & 5 piece bands hands down as it's far harder work to fill the sound & there's no room to relax & get complacent. Do you subscribe to this view?

Not necessarily - it just works best for us. Because there are only 3 of us everyone has a chance to be heard – it’s also easier to sort practices out and write songs for less people. Although we’re trying to drag a friend in on the trumpet for a few songs - could be funny…

trakMARX - Name yr. favourite 5 x 3 piece combos?

Polythene, The Tasty Ones, Thee Headcoats, Violent Femmes - and we enjoyed a couple of Corvette Summer gigs when they were together.

trakMARX - What publications do Rev Pike enjoy on a regular basis?

Rivka puts out a poetry/prose magazine called “Cannon Fodder” (Issue 4 due soon – looking for more female contributors!!!) and we all read other poetry magazines like: Cheap Trash Poetry, Totenantz, Rising, Coffin Press publications & Adrian from Teenbeat’s zine, Sick Happy Idle. Leigh enjoys Slampt’s Fast Connection. Probe Music. Organ Art. Metro!! Anything free! Oh - & The Guardian Guide, of course.

trakMARX - How do Rev Pike keep abreast with changing trends & new ideas?

Not sure we do keep abreast of changing ideas and trends – I guess tips from friends lead us into listening to new music & making the most of Borders in-store headphones.

trakMARX - What other bands out there in the UK presently do you admire?

Aha, an easier question. The Country Teasers/Rebel/Stallion, Polythene, The Blue Minkies, Long Decline, The Prats (wherever they are), Sexton Ming & His Tasty Ones, Headcoats/Buff Medways & associated, The Futureheads (fine Sunderland band to watch out for), Gilded Lil (wherever they went). Not seen The Hotwires yet but want to – narrowly missed out on Bette Davies & The Balconettes but if they ever reform we’ll be right there.

trakMARX - What's the best LP you've heard so far in 2002?

Leigh - Smog, Julius Caesar.

Rivka - Rebel tape, Country Teasers new LP, Science Hat, Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire when we get it.

Lawrence - Column A by Column…work in progress.

trakMARX - Any plans for yr. own LP?

Not as such. We’d like to do a 10” at some point as they’re juicy but otherwise prefer to stick with 6 track EP’s for budget appeal - and we want a nice matching set because we’re anal.

trakMARX - What does the rest of 2002 hold for Rev Pike?

We’re supposed to be playing The Metro (November 15th), and have a gig lined up for Kingston Art College bar soonish which we’re really looking forward to as no other local bars let us play (they only take blues and rock round here). We’d like to play more parties too! In terms of releases we’ve got a track on the Bull & Gate compilation just out called “Tarantula Pie” and will be on the forthcoming Guided Missile compilation. Otherwise plan to spend lots of time writing new songs and looking into possibilities for European gigs. Oh yeah – aim to finally set up a mailing list, so if anyone is interested in cluttering up their inboxes with details of gigs etc!

Jean Encoule – – Sept 2002
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