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The following has been reproduced from the Metal Urbain 3 News Letter because;

1. We’re too fucking lazy to type our own shit.
2. Metal Urbain will always be one of the greatest bands in the history of the world.
3. You need this information.
4. Now sign up – you bastards – or we’ll send you the new Suede LP.

Metal Urbain News Letter - September 2002 – headlines (Franglais):

1 - Full page Metal Urbain feature in July issue of Rock'n'Folk.

2 - Metal Urbain 1979: the "lost" tape!

3 - "Amour", un-issued Metal Urbain track available to download online!

4 - Doctor Mix & the Remix "House Of Noise" - forthcoming new album review!

5 - The Eric Débris/Metal U official biography - coming soon!

6 - Metal Urbain website!

7 - 125 members on the list!

Well it's been a little over three months since the last time we posted you an issue of the newsletter, but as you have probably guessed, the Metal crew has been busy finishing mixing the original demo tapes, meeting would be distributors for the CD reissues overseas, going to see the Sex Pistols reunion gig at the Crystal Palace in the town of nowhere, Great Britain, and signing autographs to fans suddenly awakened by:

1- The full page Metal Urbain feature in July 2002 issue of Rock'n'Folk.

Yes. 25 years to get a full page, but boy, were we happy! Those lucky to be living in France or Canada and to have bought the July issue of Rock'n'Folk magazine (Oasis cover), were glad (like we were) to find inside to the threat of a full page feature by Nicolas Ungemuth devoted to Metal Urbain, with a new Eric Débris interview covering the post Metal U years. For those who didn't picked it up (or who can't read French), Eric Débris revealed inside that:

"Metal Urbain continued for a while after original singer Clode Panik left, and the band was to exist co-jointly with Doctor Mix and Metal Boys, the goal being to make experimental music with Doctor Mix, melodic electronics with Metal Boys, and hardcore
noise with Metal Urbain. This project went AWOL when new members entered the band, and gear was stolen"

Eric confirms that the new Metal Urbain, Doctor Mix, and Metal Boys reissues are coming - remastered and remixed, all in deluxe editions. There are currently talks about a possible Metal Boys reunion with a new singer.

Stay tuned for more information.

2- Metal Urbain 1979: the "lost" tape!

We already told you extensively in the last couple of newsletters about the un-issued Doctor Mix and Metal Boys tracks we’ve uncovered. Well, our search has unearthed recently something new and exciting again : an unmarked reel to reel 4-track tape, containing several Metal Urbain songs never issued before!

The tape dates back from January 1979, less than a month after original singer Clode Panik left the ranks. It contains a whole batch of un-issued songs, including 2 (count them, TWO) amazing pulse-pounding versions of "Train Kept A Rollin". Next are original demos of several songs re-recorded later in the studio : "Ultra-Violence " (a spine chilling version, complete with police sirens running through the whole song), " Colt 45 " (amazing version about three times the length of the one on the Metal Boys album), and "Parlez
Moi D'argent" (a primitive work in progress version sounding like a take on Jailhouse rock !). The sound is crisp, hard-hitting and ultra clear. The rhythm-box thumps at great speed.

There is other experimental stuff also in there, that we will tell you about later, including an astonishing recording of a song called "Amour" (aka "Little Girl Of Love") which should have been the second Metal Boys single after "Sweet Marylin", but was refused by Rough Trade because it was too violent for their soft hippie ears!

All these recordings have been mixed recently by Eric Débris and Charlie H at their Mix It Studio in Paris and most of them will be included in the forthcoming Metal Urbain double CD compilation while others will be offered free to download on the official web-page coming soon.

3 – Un-issued Metal Urbain track available to download online.

To get a taste of what "Amour" (aka "Little Girl Of Love") sounds like, arm yourself with the latest browser technology (I couldn't access it with Explorer 4.0) & go to - - and listen to the new Eric Débris interview in the “Nos Années Punk” section. Somewhere along the line you will hear the full unedited song, albeit in real audio compressed format. Get those stream recorders ready! Kickass!

4- Doctor Mix & the Remix "House Of Noise", forthcoming new album review !

Right on the heels of the Metal Urbain / Doctor Mix / Metal Boys re-issues, a new Doctor Mix & the Remix album is coming! Nope, I'm not kidding your lot, this information is 100 % genuine, and I have the un-mastered CD-R right here playing on my computer while I'm typing this! This follow up to the " Wall Of Noise " LP, originally issued in 1979, is titled "House Of Noise". 12 tracks - 52.50

The album kicks off with that same distorted, impossible to mistake voice we all know and love, screaming an echoing "wel-come!". Then the speakers explode with the sound of the over-familiar rhythm box, updated for the techno-house generation, quickly followed by a full-frontal barrage of Metal guitars!

01 - This first track is an original called "Welcome To Tomorrow". With it's thumping percussions, Dr. Caligari vocals and tidal wave of the most cranked up mondo-distorted guitars you will ever hear, it comes across as a hybrid of house music and original Metal Urbain guitar sound (a bit like the original Doctor Mix, right ?), and it slams for a full 4minutes until the noise thankfully stops.
02 - If you thought you could rest your ears, think again. The barrage of guitar and rhythm box restarts, transforming into the most out-there version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s "Relax" you will ever be likely to hear. Imagine it was recorded at the same time as the Wall Of Noise album - you get the picture?

03 - Next is a first for the Doctor - a very dark, haunting and moody yet dangerous song, (the trademark chainsaw guitars are still present). Titled "You're So Kitch ", running at mid-slow tempo. If you want my opinion (and even if you don't, you will have it anyway), this track sounds like a sure fire hit, and could go to the top 10 if it was issued as CD-single in an edited version!

04 - Next is a crazed version of Kim Fowley's "The Trip". The song starts slow, and then keeps accelerating again and again and again and again until you are beginning to wonder if your CD player is not going mad! Your speakers will bleed under the ever-speeding barrage of guitar and rhythm-box assault. This is war, and the Doctor does not take prisoners!

05 - From then on, the tempo never lets up. You will be the subject of a barrage of experimental, but tightly structured violent and speedy songs: "Technodrome (Ninja Mix)" is so violent it leaves you wondering what the other mixes sound like.

"Come on now, rise with me!" - sings Eric Debris on the intro, "rise with me to the technodrome!".

I don't know what it means, but upon hearing this, I just wanted to wake up and smash everything in the room!

06 - "Virtual Imbecile" is a mix of metal/hardcore/ punk/techno/psyche and about every extreme style ever invented by humans and extra-terrestrial musicians (like Elvis or The Stooges). Sounds like thunder is hitting you relentlessly for 3 minutes!

07 - An epic and ultra-violent version of Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s "Ultra-Violence" is next, a much more harder reworking of the original Sputnik classic that would make Tony James proud.

08 - Followed by "A.I", which sounds like someone is pounding a hammer into an anvil while listening to Metal Urbain instrumentals. Add on top of that the screams of what appears to be a tortured political prisoner from the most sadistic concentration camp in the planet actually enjoying the pain, and you will get an idea that is far from being as heavy as listening to this tune.

09 - "Burn Baby Burn" follows, one of my faves of the whole lot - a 6 min mid-tempo original in the tradition of "Sister Ray" on “Wall Of Noise”.

10 - A synthetic version of Chris Spedding's "Pogo Dancing" is next, that is a welcome refreshing of the original tune, updated for the 21st generation or rock'n'roll music. Spedding will probably be having a heart attack upon hearing it.

11 - Next is another take on the Stooges "No Fun" very different from the early versions found on “Wall Of Noise” and the first single. If the old versions were covers of the Stooges tune, imagine this one as a cover the Sex Pistols/Doctor Mix version. Yep, a good song never goes away !

12 - The album ends then with a destroy synthetic cover of the Sex Pistol’s "Did You No Wrong" that blows away to dust and pulverise that whole Bollocks Brothers "Never Mind The Bollocks 83" joke, and leaves you panting and hoping for more!

For all those of you out there, who can't wait to hear this follow up to “Wall Of Noise”, 22 years after the original, please note that this album is so radical that is as been refused by all major companies in France, (which is probably the best quality guarantee you can expect these days). However, it might come out on a foreign label. Well: “the more the things change, the more they stay the same", to quote Snake Plissken.

5 - The Eric Débris / Metal U official biography coming soon!

In the works for some time now, has been an official Eric Débris/Metal Urbain/Punk rock story written by Eric Débris! The book will cover the years 1972-1985, and should come out early next year, in time with the CD reissues, with many pictures never seen before. Eric promises it will not be written in giant sized letters with three words a page, and will give value for money for all those who always wanted to know more about the Metal Urbain story, and the sad state of the French show-business! More info coming soon.

6 - Metal Urbain website !

The official Metal Urbain website is coming next month ! We cannot reveal all the contents yet, but promise you it will be great, with many previously unseen pictures, mp3, lyrics, history of the band, discography etc. Get ready to go Metal !

7 - 130 members on the list!

We are currently 130 on this list, and the number still keeps growing which is astonishing as no web-page telling where to subscribe is up yet!

So that's it for now folks, stay tuned for more information, the Metal U newsletter number 4 is coming your way early in October. Don't forget to distribute this email to all your friends. Spread the word. Metal days are back !

David Fakrikian
Seventeen Records
Metal U Official site coming soon!
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