Kleenex - formed in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1978 – remain one of the greatest female Punk Rock groups in the genre’s history. One of the first groups to sign to Rough Trade, Kleenex, along with The Raincoats, redefined the roll of women in rock – which in 1978 - despite the encroachment of Punk Rock values – was still a resolutely male dominated arena. Eventually forced to change their name to Liliput following legal threats from a popular tissue manufacturer, Kleenex’s legacy is best appreciated via Kill Rock Stars “Kleenex/Liliput” career-spanning compilation:

Kleenex/LiLiPUT (KRS373)

Track Listing:

Disc 1 -
Beri Beri
Ain't you
Hedi's head
Die Matrosen
Türk Tisko
Eisiger Wind
When the cat's away
I had a dream
Turn the table
Dolly Dollar

Disc 2 -
Do you mind my dream
In a mess
Feel like snakes twisting through the fog
Might is Right
Like it or lump it
Tong tong
The Jatz
You did it
A silver key can open an iron lock somewhere
Your's is mine
Blue is all in rush
On streets without names
His head all red

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Guy Debored chats to Marlene Marder:

trakMARX - What was your personal Punk Rock epiphany?

Marlene - Remember that day? (awhoop, shudbiiiduup) Without warning (whoopadoop) there was this total eclipse of the sun (shaggalaggadoop) there was a humming sound - and when I turned round - I saw all these strange, weird little punks sitting there... so I said to myself, go ahead and sing along with them, it looks like we share the same tune.

trakMARX - Did Punk Rock establish itself quickly in Switzerland?

Marlene - Yes, within seconds, mainly in Zürich.

trakMARX - Who were the first Swiss Punk Rock Groups?

Marlene - Next to Kleenex (the first all-girl group) - Nasal Boys, Mother's Ruin, TNT, Dogbodys, Troppo, Sperma (and many more... all from Zürich) - later the scene established itself in Geneva and other places!

trakMARX - How did you keep up with what was happening in the UK?

Marlene - With Citytours!

trakMARX - What was your musical experience prior to Kleenex?

Marlene - I played saxophone for one gig with Nasal Boys - then I took over the guitar in Kleenex.

trakMARX - How were Kleenex born?

Marlene - Right time, right place, right girls!

trakMARX - What do you recall from your first ever Kleenex gig?

Marlene - Very funny - a good party. We played our four songs - over and over again!

trakMARX - What do you remember of the recording sessions for your debut EP?

Marlene - It was great, a new time and experience. We played the songs all together - on and on - until we had the final version. No cuts and re-entry. When the EP was finished, I looked at it as if I’d never seen a record before.

trakMARX - Did Sunrise release any other records?

Marlene - Yes, Sunrise became the studio of most Swisspunk bands: Nasal Boys, Mother's Ruin, Sperma.

trakMARX - How many pressings of the Sunrise EP were there?

Marlene - I think 500!

trakMARX - What did you think when the EP was picked up by Rough Trade?

Marlene - Great!

trakMARX - What memories do you have of your time in the UK?

Marlene - The Rough Trade tour with the Raincoats and Spizz Energy. Superb time, good people, amazing fans, nice venues, made a lot of good friends.

trakMARX - Did Kleenex the tissue people really threaten legal action over your use of the name?


trakMARX - Where did the inspiration come from for the name Liliput?

Marlene - After a long day and night, tired of thinking of a new name...

trakMARX - What was the highlight of Liliput's career?

Marlene - As always, playing gigs and communicating with the audience. No special highlight, like "this is it!!" It was great to see how people liked our music and performance.

trakMARX - It was all over some time in late 83/early 84. What caused the wheels to fall off?

Marlene - Time goes by, people change, new ideas and ways to go for it. I played then in a new band: "Dangermice"!

trakMARX - You subsequently returned home to run a record shop in Zurich. How did that work out for you?

Marlene - A logical step, I think. Support colleagues, bring out good music for the young folks . . . being involved in what's going on!

trakMARX - Klaudia eventually became a leading modern Swiss painter - what did you make of her work & how is she doing these days?

Marlene - I think she is doing fine, but you’d have to ask her personally:

clau [ dot ] schiff [ at ] bluewin [ dot ] ch

trakMARX - Do you still communicate with any of your ex-Kleenex compadres?

Marlene - By chance, mostly with Klaudia

trakMARX - Looking back, how do you feel about Kleenex's legacy today?

Marlene - I'm happy to be part of something that was not for nothing!

trakMARX - Would Kleenex ever consider reforming?

Marlene - I don't think so.

trakMARX - And finally, what are you up to these days?

Marlene - Managing Kleenex's legacy :-)) Seriously... right now there’s a lot of interest in Swiss Punk (from newspapers and magazines). A few friends have made a beautiful book that launches in November:

“Hot Love - Swiss Punk and Wave 1976-1980”

It is a wonderful book - they worked very hard, collecting every bit of information to show what happened back then.

Guy Debored – tMx 27 – 10/06
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